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Types of Staircase renovation

At Reno Stairs® you can choose among four types of stair cladding made from wood or laminate. All systems work with open and boxed staircases and staircases with a foundation of steel, wood or concrete. There is a wide selection of wood types, colours, designs and risers.

A staircase renovation has various components. From risers to a moulding for your anti-squeak slat, Reno Stairs® has it all. View components

MultiGarant® - Staircase renovation with composite wood

MultiGarant® Composite wood stair cladding

The ultimate in staircase renovation. Choose the MultiGarant® system for composite wood stair cladding. This tread consists of a 15mm waterproof glued multiplex body, topped with a 5mm layer of real wood. It is available in all wood types, from rustic oak to teak or even wengé. An anti-slip strip of a colour of your choice is placed in a groove that is cut into the stair cladding. Read more...

SolidGarant® - Staircase renovation with solid wood

This staircase renovation system consists of real solid wood treads. These treads, like the MultiGarant® treads, are available in all wood types and all desired colours. Here as well, a rubber anti-slip strip is placed in a groove that is cut into the stair cladding.

LamiGarant® Laminate stair cladding

LamiGarant® - Staircase renovation with Laminate

The LamiGarant® system has laminate stair cladding. This stair cladding is available in 8 assorted wood colours, as well as the colours white and black. No groove is cut into the stair cladding, but instead the anti-slip strip is affixed on the tread. Read more...

WoodGarant® - Staircase renovation for your steel staircase

It is now possible to renovate your steel staircase or spiral staircase with real solid wood. The solid wood stair cladding has an impressive thickness of 40mm and is available in 15 carefully selected wood types. It can be finished in any desired colour. By fitting a rubber anti-slip strip, safety is always guaranteed. Read more...

Associated products for your staircase renovation

For associated products like banisters and the matching balusters, led lighting and even floors, you have come to the right address.

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  2. Wooden floors and other wood products
  3. Led lighting
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