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Frequently asked questions

If you are familiarising yourself with staircase renovation, you want clear answers to all your questions. To make it easier, we have answered the most frequently asked questions.

Can all staircases be renovated?

Yes, open or boxed, all staircases can be renovated by Reno Stairs®. Regardless of the material, form or orientation. Steel staircases are also candidates for a wooden staircase renovation.

What preparations do I have to do before the staircase renovation?

The floor covering and loose glue-remains should be removed from the old staircase. You may leave any hard glue-remains in place.

How (often) should I maintain my staircase after the renovation?

With normal use we recommend treating the wooden staircase with Reno Stairs®-Oil once a year. Furthermore it is advisable to wipe the staircase with a wet cloth using our special soap. The LamiGarant®-system with laminate stair cladding requires no maintenance.

Can the sides of the staircase and the landing also be done?

Yes, for a renovation of the sides (the 'wainscot') or a wooden floor you are also in good hands at Reno Stairs®. We have our origins in the wood trade, so we can be of service in all areas.

Will I have noise issues after my staircase renovation?

No, Reno Stairs® works with noise damping materials. This means you will have no noise issues when using your staircase.

Where can I find Reno Stairs®?

Reno Stairs® offers you the possibility to have one of our staff members visit you (without obligations) at home to show you the possibilities. We work in the whole of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Furthermore there is the possibility to view our entire catalogue at one of our dealers.

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